First Steps After an Accident in Phoenix

  1. If you are able, document any evidence at the scene of the accident.
    In the chaos following an auto accident, many people never think to take pictures or collect witness names and information. Don't rely on the police report to do this for you. Even a few photos taken with a cell phone or jotted notes regarding what happened and who was there could make an enormous difference in the outcome of your accident and injury claim.
  2. If you are injured, attend to your medical needs.
    Go to the emergency room, your primary care physician or urgent care facility. Many people are relieved if it seems they escaped an auto accident with only minor cuts and bruises. Be cautious, because symptoms of more serious injuries can take time to become apparent. Don't tell your doctor you are okay if you are experiencing any pain or soreness: This statement may show up in your medical record and can be used against you by the insurance company later in your case.
  3. If an insurance adjuster wants to talk to you, call a lawyer first.
    Insurance companies are adept at convincing car accident victims to relinquish their rights. An adjuster may ask you about your background or for a recorded statement or medical authorization. They want you to do or say things that will impair your ability to be fairly compensated. Do not underestimate the insurance adjusters — it is their job to limit the money the insurance company has to pay for your accident. There are no Arizona laws that require you to submit to an insurance company's request for a recorded statement.

    The Unfair Claims Practices Act governs the actions of insurance companies and provides penalties in cases of insurance bad faith, such as denying legitimate claims, failing to investigate claims and delaying payments. If you feel the insurance company is dealing with you in bad faith, contact an attorney immediately.
  4. Protect your legal rights.
    The respected Phoenix personal injury attorneys at Phillips and Lyon have the experience to provide you with sound legal advice to protect your rights following an accident or injury caused by negligence.

Phillips and Lyon charges no up-front fees or costs associated with your case. We only get paid when we recover damages for you. We offer a free consultation and will meet you at a time and place that is convenient for you – even at your home or the hospital.

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