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Dog Bite and Animal Attack

Phoenix Dog Bite & Animal Attack Attorneys

They’re cute and playful…until they’re not.

A dog bite can cause serious injury, and even death in some extreme cases. Unfortunately, most dog bite (or other animal bite) victims are children, and there can be a lifetime of serious consequences to follow a seemingly harmless encounter.

At Phillips and Lyon, our expert attorneys will represent you and your family’s interest in pursuing animal attack incidents, particularly if the animal’s owner was negligent. Pet owners have a legal responsibility to care for their animals, and this includes adequately warning any people who may come in contact with their pets.

If you or one of your family members is bitten by a dog or another animal, there’s an immediate need for emergency medical attention. Often children are bitten on the face or neck: reconstructive or plastic surgery is sometimes needed to restore these vulnerable areas and minimize scarring or permanent disfigurement.

In some cases, the wounds are deeper. There are emotional consequences, too. Children could become fearful of animals for life, suffer from nightmares, or become obsessed with talking about their incident. Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a recognized psychological condition that follows a dramatic physical incident. PTSD patients may require psychiatric care for years following their accident; these symptoms may manifest themselves in several ways that only a trained mental health practitioner can recognize and diagnose.

Arizona Laws and Arizona Lawyers

The attorneys at Phillips and Lyon are right here in the metro Phoenix area, and are very experienced in these heart-breaking cases. Arizona does not have a “free bite” rule like other states. This means you have the right to file a claim against a dog owner for your injuries even if the dog has no proven history of aggression.

Our attorney can intervene immediately if the animal’s owner tries to turn the blame on you – the victim – for provoking to animal to attack. We will gather any and all evidence to disprove the claim and make the animal owner accept absolute liability for the animal’s actions.

The Time is Now

If you or a family member is bitten, act fast. Seek immediate medical treatment for the wound. Your attorney can quickly step in to handle the rest of the legal priorities. We will immediately have the animal quarantined and determine if its shots are current. If not, you may be subject to painful rabies treatment.

We will document your injuries, and will take note of any scarring or other damage to capture the seriousness of the attack. This is important information that insurance companies require.

In Arizona there is a one-year statute of limitation on most animal bite cases. We will move quickly on your claim to make sure the animal owner takes responsibility.

As in all our personal injury cases, Phillips and Lyon will not ask you for upfront fees for our services.

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