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We know there are injured pedestrians who were hit by a car and feel they have no case because the accident happened when they were jaywalking or crossing the street against the light.

At Phillips and Lyon, our experienced Phoenix personal injury attorneys have handled these cases successfully, obtaining the money our clients needed for medical bills and lost wages.

If you are a pedestrian who was hit by a car, you have legal rights. Arizona law permits comparative negligence. This means that the courts are able to award damages to injured pedestrians and other accident victims even if they were partially at fault.

You have options. Contact Phillips and Lyon today to receive a free case evaluationand to discuss the next step with a respected accident, injury and auto collision attorney.

When a pedestrian is hit by a car, who is at fault?

When a driver's inattention or carelessness causes them to hit a pedestrian, they may be held at least partially responsible for the severe injuries that often result, including:

Automobile drivers are responsible for paying attention to their surroundings. If a driver missed a group of pedestrians crossing the street or another car stopped in the road to allow a pedestrian to cross, this can be evidence of the driver's liability in an auto-pedestrian accident.

Our accident attorneys and in-house independent investigator can gather the important evidence and witness testimony that can help get you the fair compensation you need for the injuries you suffered as a pedestrian hit by a car. There will be no fees or costs for you to pay unless we are successful in obtaining a financial settlement or award.

Contact our Phoenix Car-Pedestrian Accident Lawyers today for the experienced representation you need. The initial consultation is absolutely free, and we can make home and hospital visits if necessary.

Contact a personal injury attorney at Phillips and Lyon today!

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