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An accident of any kind may cause physical injury, emotional trauma, and financial difficulties. If you or someone you know was injured in a car accidentmotorcycle accidentslip and fall, or any other incident related to another person's negligence or wrongdoing, a Glendale personal injury attorney at Phillips and Lyon may be able to help you. In fact, we offer a free initial case review to help you get started.

Taking the time to talk to an attorney can make a big difference in your eligibility to take legal action, as well as the final outcome of your case. Our law firm offers a free home or hospital visit, usually within as little as two hours of your contacting a Glendale personal injury lawyer at our firm. We want to make sure no time is wasted and that you have the best opportunity of reaching a positive case result, including recovering a just amount of financial compensation that can make a real difference in your ability to rebuild your life and move on.

Personal injury law covers a broad range of injuries and incidents stemming from negligence or intentional wrongdoing. A Glendale personal injury attorney at our law firm may be able to help you in any of these areas, including: motor vehicle accidents, dog bitessevere injuriesboating accidentsinsurance disputesbrain injuries, and much more.

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There is no risk in contacting our firm and undergoing a case review with a Glendale personal injury lawyer. In fact, this may be exactly what you need to get the information necessary to make an educated choice about moving forward with a lawsuit or retaining legal counsel for your insurance claim.

For more information about our firm and our services, contact a Glendale personal injury attorney at Phillips and Lyon today.

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Personal injury claims provide a legal means of seeking financial compensation for the damages caused by the wrongful or negligent acts of another.

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