Bad Motorcycle Accident? Phillips and Lyon Can Help.

Next thing I remember is just waking up in the hospital.  I had two fractured vertebrae, a broken nose, dislocated shoulder…  Phillips and Lyon did come see me at the hospital, and once I was discharged, I came to see them.  I actually had the opportunity to meet, and work with Gary Phillips.  His experience really made a difference.  Gary Phillips spent hours on my case, understanding the pain that I went through.  They got the doctors to reduce their medical bills, and I know I got more money because Gary Phillips took the time to listen to me.

When you hire Phillips and Lyon, you really do hire Phillips and Lyon.

Why Hire Phillips and Lyon?


Why Hire Phillips and Lyon?

Why should you hire Phillips and LyonPhillips and Lyon has been helping injury victims in Arizona for over 35 years. In some firms after you sign a retainer agreement your case is handled by an associate attorney or legal assistant.  You may never have an opportunity to work with the most experienced attorneys in the firm.   At Phillips and Lyon you only work with the experienced attorneys who will supervise every aspect of your claim.  You will talk to Mr. Phillips or myself to discuss the strategy of your case and the problems that must be resolved during the course of our representation.   We both have over 35 years of personal injury experience which makes a huge difference.

Why we limit our practice

At Phillips and Lyon we ONLY handle personal injury claims and ONLY on behalf of injured people.  We do not represent insurance companies.   Our resources and training is therefore concentrated in this one practice area which enables us to stay current with the latest innovations for personal injury practices and new legal precedents that may have a significant impact on your case..

Discounted fee

In order to understand what represents a discounted fee, we should first discuss the mostly commonly charged fees among attorneys in the personal injury field.  If you call around I think you will find the majority of law firms charge a contingent fee of 33%.  Many firms raise their fee in the event your case does not settle and proceeds to litigation.  The fee I have seen most in those instances is 40%.  In addition to the legal fee is an expense called client costs.  These are the expenses to prove your case such as, medical reports, investigation, court fees and the like.  Most firms advance these expenses with the understanding that when the case is resolved the client, regardless of outcome, will reimburse the law firm.

At Phillips and Lyon we offer a discounted fee of 25% if you found us through the internet, and your case is settled without a lawsuit.  In the event you instruct us to file suit our fee increases by 8%.  Thus at Phillips and Lyon the initial fee is 25% and it may raise to 33% if litigation is commenced.  Many firms begin at 33% and the fee increased to 40% in litigation. That is a big difference and big savings for our clients.

Results matter

No lawyer can claim to have won every case that goes to litigation.  What I can say about Phillips and Lyon, and I challenge other firms to compare is our success rate .  Let me first define success.  If an insurance company agrees to offer 25,000 and the case goes to court and you are awarded 20,000  that is a loss.  I don’t care how you sugar coat it, that is loosing .   Only when the award is greater than the highest offer made by the insurance company do we call that a win.  At Phillips and Lyon in the last year we won over 85% of the time.

Experience, practice limited to accident law, discounted fees, and results that matter are the reasons people hire Phillips and Lyon to handle their accident case.

Remember, when you hire Phillips and Lyon you REALLY DO hire Gary and I.



Need help after a motorcycle accident?

Hello my name is Greg Lyon.  I am a senior partner in the law firm of Phillips and Lyon and have practiced in the field of Personal injury law for over 30 years.  In addition I ride motorcycles, mostly Harleys, but I have spent a fair amount of time in my youth on several metric cruisers.  I represent riders who have been involved in accidents with other vehicles or as a result of hazards in the roadway.  Because of my motorcycle experience there are a lot of things a new client does not have to explain to me.  For example, I know that the fair market value of your motorcycle can not be measured by a number that appears in a book or online.  Since part of the joy of owning a motorcycle is adding your personal touches we must inquire further about the aftermarket parts and accessories added to the bike that often times increases the value of the bike by thousands of dollars.

I also know the types of defenses that will be used by the insurance companies lawyer to prevent the biker from receiving fair compensation.  Having taken several motorcycle safety courses and having logged many thousands of miles in traveling all over the country I can anticipate and be prepared for these defenses.

Motorcycle accident claims represent different issues than a car accident case and therefore require a different approach in order to obtain a good result for the client.  Knowledge of helmet laws, the geometry of a motorcycle, the way modifications affect the handling of a bike are only a few of the areas of expertise that are often times used in the handling of these claims.

Also essential is making sure the rider has access to the various medical specialists that may be called upon to treat or express opinions as to the permanent nature of your injuries.  We can assist you in finding doctors that will await payment until the case is over so that your recovery is not compromised.

If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident it is important to hire an attorney, who not only has personal injury experience but also has first had experience with motorcycles.

Ride Safe.