Charged with DUI if you Smoked Marijuana a WEEK ago?

If a driver holding a Medical Marijuana Card in Arizona gets caught driving under the influence of Marijuana, they will either have to give up their Marijuana card, or their drivers’ license.  Valley Prosecutors argue that ANY trace of marijuana at all in the system is grounds for DUI, whether the person is a card holder or not, and that a medical card is no defense.  Even if you only spoke one joint, marijuana can stay in your system for longer then 10 days.

Medical marijuana supporters argue that having traces of marijuana in the system does not mean the person is under the influence at the time they are pulled over.  Arizona Voters passed the law approving the sale of Medical marijuana in November of 2010.  Although there is a law, prosecutors tend to ignore it and not agree with it.  The main issue is what level of marijuana in the blood stream makes a person “impaired”?

Pot cannot actually be prescribed by a Doctor, only recommended, which very difficult legally to fight a marijuana case.  Prosecutors in Mesa have made sure that Juries do not hear information about a suspect’s medical card and have even refused to allow the card into trials.

Medical marijuana recommendations also do NOT come with a warning to not operate heavy machinery, and/or dosage limits.  Prosecutors are using this fact to argue that possession of a card is irrelevant.  Scientists have found it impossible to agree upon what concentration of the drug in the blood system classifies a person “impaired”.

For now, things are not going in the favor of Marijuana card holders who wish to drive, whether they are under the influence or not.  They can be punished on Monday for marijuana they smoked on Friday.  For now, pot smokers should be extremely cautious, and think twice before getting behind the wheel of a car.

Gas Saving Tips

Spring break is here and a lot of people will be traveling to take advantage of the beautiful spring weather.  We found a company who tested common gas saving tips and we would like to share the results.


Aggressive Driving vs. Moderate Driving
Result: Major savings potential
Facts: Up to 37% savings, average of 31%
Recommendation: Stop driving like a maniac!


Use Cruise Control
Result: Surprisingly effective way to save gas
Facts: Up to 14% savings, average of 7%
Recommendation: If you’ve got it, use it


Check Your Tire Pressure
Result: Important for Safety, no impact on gas
Facts: No measurable difference
Recommendation: Check your pressure for Safety
   *All tests conducted by Edmunds.


Lower Speeds Saves Gas
Result: Substantial savings on a long trip
Facts: Up to 14% savings, average of 12%
Recommendation: Drive the speed limit


A/C On, Windows Up vs. A/C off, Windows Down
Result: Nice in theory, not true in practice
Fact: No measurable difference
Recommendation: Please, make yourself comfortable


Avoid Excessive Idling
Result: Very Important
Facts: Save 19% if car not idling longer than 1 minute
Recommendation: Shut ‘er down


We wish you a fun and safe SPRING BREAK!


Do you like posting comments about your day or checking in at places you have been with friends?  Most of us do, but if you’ve been injured in an accident you must be careful posting on social networks!  Insurance adjusters have made it a habit to look up injured accident victims on Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Instagram and other social media sites to see if they can catch someone with injuries doing something they shouldn’t be.  For example, if you are complaining about neck and back pain but show yourself on a rollercoaster – that could pose a problem, or if you are claiming your knee hurts so bad you can’t walk but brag about skateboarding this could pose a problem!  Many people post things without even giving it a second thought, but you must use caution when you have an accident claim.

Make sure you check your pictures!  Facebook has a new privacy level so some of your photos uploaded by a mobile device (phone or tablet) AUTOMATICALLY are public unless you change the privacy option.  How do you find out if this is happening to you?  Go to a search engine and type in your name and see what pops up.  One of the employees here at Phillips and Lyon did that and was shocked to find pictures of her daughter and her vacation from Facebook and Instagram were online for everyone to see.   If your pictures show up public you just have to log onto the site and change your privacy settings to show your pictures ONLY to friends.

Take a second to think about what you post!

Texting and Driving in Arizona

Have you ever been driving behind someone who is weaving in and out and driving like an idiot only to find out when you pass them that they are looking at their cell phone while they are driving?  Is a text really that important?  In this fast paced society do people have TIME for an accident?  Of course not – then stop TEXTING AND DRIVING!!

Almost every state has banned texting and driving but Arizona is one of only 9 states that have not yet adopted this law.   Senator Steve Farley, has introduced bills in the Arizona Legislature the past several years that would institute a texting-while-driving ban.  Cited studies showing that drivers are 2,300% more likely to get into an accident while texting.  “Those numbers merit a separate law”, he said.“Texting while driving is more of a danger than anything else — eating a burger, putting on makeup, anything else — it deserves to be called out as a specific practice that needs to be banned,” he said.  It is a fact that distracted drivers get into more accidents, but unfortunately at this time law officers in Arizona are not required to state on the accident reports WHY a driver was distracted.  The officers should be required and trained to enter in if a driver at fault for an accident was texting, talking on a hand held cell phone, or talking on a hands free cell phone.  There are many other “distractions” but if hard evidence is needed to pass laws why aren’t officers required to report this evidence?

A strong texting-while-driving ban could qualify Arizona for part of a $22.5 million fund for highway-safety programs and repairs. Another potential benefit is lower automobile-insurance premiums. Brad Hilliard, a public-affairs specialist for State Farm Insurance, said many factors play into determining insurance premiums but added that lower premiums are a possibility, especially if there is data available showing the effect of a texting ban.“If the data is there, and you see the trend, and the trends are that Arizona is a safer state … you can review that and consider rate changes because of it,” he said. “Safety is always going to be our number 1 concern, and that’s why State Farm would support any bills reducing distractions while driving.”  Distracted driving is a horrible epidemic and a nationwide problem.  The safety of others on the road is the biggest concern for anyone.  Stop texting and driving because NO TEXT IS WORTH AN ACCIDENT!

It’s better to loose 5 seconds IN life,  Than loose YOUR life in 5 seconds.