Phillips and Lyon Offers Discounted Attorney Fees

After you’ve been the victim in any accident, paying the full price for a Personal Injury Attorney is the last burden that you want to endure.  Phillips and Lyon works hard to offer these discounted fees detailed in the video summary below.  Additionally, clients of Phillips and Lyon only pay their costs if the case is won. No recovery, no fees!

  • The most commonly charged fees among attorneys in the personal injury field are about 33%.  If your case does not settle and proceeds to litigation, it is common that the fee is then raised to 40%.
  • Phillips and Lyon offers a discounted fee of only 25%, if found through the Internet and the case is settled without a lawsuit.
  • Additionally, the only time the client pays the client costs is when Phillips and Lyon wins the case. If the case is not won, than the client is charged nothing.
  • Unlike other major law firms, every case at Phillips and Lyon is supervised by either Mr. Phillips or Mr. Lyon, the senior partners.
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