Personal Injury Law | Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcyclists need to be aware of not only the regular rules of the road, but also distinctive laws made just for them.  After a motorcycle accident, determining the fair market value of your motorcycle is more complicated than simply one number.  The points below are the highlights of Greg Lyon’s motorcycle accident information.

  • Greg Lyon, a senior partner at Phillips and Lyon, is an avid motorcyclist. Because of this, he is aware of the types of defenses that insurance company lawyers may use to avoid paying a claim.
  • Motorcycle accident claims represent different issues than those of a car accident case.
  • Knowledge of helmet laws, the geometry of a motorcycle, and the way modifications affect the handling of a bike are a few of the areas of expertise that are often times used in the handling of these claims.
  • Philips and Lyon knows which doctors can and will await payment until after the case is over.
  • Phillips and Lyon are not only experienced attorneys; they also care about their clients and want to see them receive the most compensation for their injuries.
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