Need help after a motorcycle accident?

Hello my name is Greg Lyon.  I am a senior partner in the law firm of Phillips and Lyon and have practiced in the field of Personal injury law for over 30 years.  In addition I ride motorcycles, mostly Harleys, but I have spent a fair amount of time in my youth on several metric cruisers.  I represent riders who have been involved in accidents with other vehicles or as a result of hazards in the roadway.  Because of my motorcycle experience there are a lot of things a new client does not have to explain to me.  For example, I know that the fair market value of your motorcycle can not be measured by a number that appears in a book or online.  Since part of the joy of owning a motorcycle is adding your personal touches we must inquire further about the aftermarket parts and accessories added to the bike that often times increases the value of the bike by thousands of dollars.

I also know the types of defenses that will be used by the insurance companies lawyer to prevent the biker from receiving fair compensation.  Having taken several motorcycle safety courses and having logged many thousands of miles in traveling all over the country I can anticipate and be prepared for these defenses.

Motorcycle accident claims represent different issues than a car accident case and therefore require a different approach in order to obtain a good result for the client.  Knowledge of helmet laws, the geometry of a motorcycle, the way modifications affect the handling of a bike are only a few of the areas of expertise that are often times used in the handling of these claims.

Also essential is making sure the rider has access to the various medical specialists that may be called upon to treat or express opinions as to the permanent nature of your injuries.  We can assist you in finding doctors that will await payment until the case is over so that your recovery is not compromised.

If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident it is important to hire an attorney, who not only has personal injury experience but also has first had experience with motorcycles.

Ride Safe.



A Tribute to the Fallen Heroes of 9/11

Thirteen years ago The United States suffered a horrible tragedy that will never be forgotten.  Every year on September 11th, we pay tribute to the fallen heroes that sacrificed their lives to help as many as people as they could on that faithful day.

Every year, New York displays the “Tribute in Lights”.  The Tribute of Lights is an art installation of 88 search lights which create two columns that represent the twin towers in remembrance of the September 11th attacks.  It serves to remember the 2753 people who lost their lives that day.  Out of those people, 343 were paramedics and firefighters, and 60 were NYC Police officers, who ran selflessly into the rubble to help as many people as they could.

These are the true heroes to which we pay tribute.  Heroes that run into the face of danger, not thinking of the consequences to themselves, but only thinking of helping no matter what the cost.  These brave men and women set a great example of how we should all act.  They are true role models, true patriots, and true heroes in every sense of the word.